Payment of Membership Fees

All of the relevant Membership Fees are available from this website - each year's fees can be found from the main menu under Clubs ⇒ Fees as soon as they are available.

Under the heading 'Photocopying' the ArcheryGB guidance notes ask clubs to '... Forward one copy to your County secretary and one copy to your Regional Secretary both with the appropriate fees ...'. Please note that clubs must not send fees direct to SCAS under any circumstances - the reason is explained below.

You will therefore probably only require two photocopies copies of each form:

  • Send the original with payment to ArcheryGB, in accordance with the ArcheryGB instructions;
  • Send one copy to the KAA Treasurer with a cheque payable to "Kent Archery Association" for the total of all county and regional fees.
  • Keep the other copy for your club records.

A single cheque can be used to cover more than one form and may include a combination of new membership and renewals, but please note that individual cheques from members must not be sent to ArcheryGB or the KAA.

When you send the SCAS and KAA fees to the KAA Treasurer, it will be very helpful if you would show on a separate sheet how you have worked them out, e.g. by showing the en-bloc fees (if appropriate) or by showing the number of senior and junior fees as in the following example:

KAA fees SCAS fees Total
Age Number Each Total Each Total
Seniors 20 @ £3.50 = £70.00 @ £1.50 = £30.00
Juniors 9 @ £2.50 = £22.50 @ £1.00 = £ 9.00
Total £92.50 £39.00 £131.50

Important note: The forms must be sent as described, even if no fee is payable (e.g. additional juniors joining a registered Junior Club that has paid an en-bloc fee), otherwise your members will not become members of ArcheryGB, SCAS or KAA.

The above example is given for illustrative purposes only - the fees for each member are likely to differ from those shown above. Please check the actual fees that apply to the current year before sending.

The Reason:

Because at present SCAS membership fees are very low, they receive a large number of low-value payments, which are becoming increasingly time-consuming to handle. They have therefore decided to simplify the collection of their fees.

At their 2011 AGM they decided to replace the previous system with a simpler one to reduce the work involved. In future SCAS will charge each county a single amount based on its total number of members at the end of the previous membership year; this amount is to be paid by the county association by the end of November as a single payment.

However, typically about 25% of members fail to renew their membership each year and this is normally made up gradually during the rest of the year; if the KAA were to pass the above method on to clubs, they would have to pay for members that they do not yet have (and in some cases might never have).

The KAA has therefore negotiated a compromise, in which it will pay only the fees actually received, but will do so only periodically to ensure that regional administration is kept to a minimum. This method will not compromise membership benefits, if carried out correctly.

If any club sends payment direct to SCAS, that payment will be returned to them with instructions to process it through the county.