The Association has invested significant time and effort in developing this website, a constitution, policies, guides and other documents and in some cases has drawn on the knowledge and expertise, freely given by members and other third parties; we see no justification for requiring that members and clubs within the archery community should each have to reinvent the same wheels!

As a service, primarily to our members and associated clubs, the benefits of this work are therefore freely available and may be reproduced and adapted as required. Most of the content of this website is available in this way, subject to a Creative Commons license which specifies certain conditions.

Our requirements are that:

  • you may not use the content for any commercial purpose - we have not charged you, so it would be unfair for you to make a profit on our work (you may only charge for distributing this or any adapted work, sufficient to cover your actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred in doing so);
  • you may copy, print or reproduce any document provided that you do so in its entirety and exactly as published by us, or
  • you may adapt content to better suit your needs, but if you do you must:
    • replace our logo, name and all brand identification with your own;
    • acknowledge where you got it from;
    • include an identical license in your adapted version.

Please note that:

  • the Association makes no warrantee as to fitness for purpose and will accept no liability for errors of content;
  • it is not permissible to state or imply that the Association endorses or in any other way supports your derived version, unless you have the prior, written agreement of the Association.

Please send any enquiry or request relating to the above to the county Secretary.


There are however a small number of things that are explicitly excluded from the Creative Commons license:

Logo and Name

The logos and names of the Association and its brands are Trade Marks and the property of the Association; as such they benefit from legal protection.

There is no issue about the use of any of our logos or names if an existing document is copied, printed or otherwise reproduced:

  • in its entirety and exactly as published by us;
  • in part, but otherwise exactly as published by us and the original context remains apparent and there is no intention to deceive and no deception is likely.

However, in all other cases the logo and name of the Association or of any of its brands may only be used or reproduced with the prior, written agreement of the Association.

Where agreement is given, it will be on condition that the Association's brand guidelines are observed - a copy of those guidelines will be provided at the time that agreement is given.

Other Images, Photographs and Media

All other images, photographs and other visual or audible media that appear on or in the Association's website remain the property of the Association or of the person, persons or organisation that supplied the respective media and whose names are shown by way of acknowledgement.

Use (including displaying and/or imbedding them in other websites), reproduction and copying of those images, photographs and other media without the owner's prior consent, may infringe the legal rights of the owner.