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Kent Archery Field

As some people may be aware, Kent Archery Association have been exploring a new initiative to provide field archery to its members. This is following the hugely successful and well attended ‘Field Taster Days’ that have previously been run by the Bowmen of Woodstock.

The dawn of this exciting new venture is now here, following the past two years of events. (KAF).

I am therefore able to provide the following information below, with regards to KAF membership and the 2017 event schedule.

The membership fee for the 2017 KAF season will be £20.00, and is open to all KAA members.

This can be paid by either cheque, or a direct bank transfer. Membership fees will be due by 22nd February 2017.

A member of KAF will be entitled to shoot at the 6 KAF events detailed in the calendar below.

All events will be hosted at the Woodstock Field Venue, which is in close proximity of junction 5 of the M2 motorway. This is an excellent venue which has a long history of holding events of National Championship standard.

At present these events are scheduled to be 12 or 24 targets, using World Archery Field target faces and National Animal. Distance will be marked/unmarked. Therefore some skill in distance judging will be required. This makes it ideal for both experienced and novice field archers to partake.

KAF members will also be entitled to a reduced entry fee for a seventh event, this being the KAA Field Championships.

As detailed in the previously circulated KAF Terms of Reference, members will be required to assist at some of these work party events. The work required will vary from clearing and maintaining the course, to measuring targets and preparing target faces.

There will of course be an element of fluidity to these work party events. Clearly, if a greater amount of work is completed at the early season work party events, a smaller amount of maintenance and work will be required throughout the remainder of the season.

The six events that the KAF have committed to providing in 2017 will also be open to KAA members that are not members of KAF.

For these people there will be a shooting fee payable of £6.00 per person.

Entries at the Woodstock venue will also be initially limited to 56 archers. Therefore priority will clearly be given to KAF members.

At present there will not be any shooting at the Woodstock venue outside of the events detailed in the above 2017 schedule. This is owing to current access restrictions on the Woodstock venue. However, should KAF prove successful in 2017, and there is a demand for more events at the venue, this can be reviewed prior to the 2018 season


Similarly should there be a demand to shoot different field rounds, or expansion into unmarked distances then this is something that can be reviewed as KAF expands and moves forward.

It is believed that KAA may be one of the first counties to explore a venture of this kind, and provide a field shooting programme for its members.

We now have a KAF committee, an excellent venue, and an event calendar for the 2017 season.

We now require members!

If you have any questions, please email the KAF chairman at:

If you would like a KAF Membership application form, please email:


The 2017 shooting schedule is detailed below:


Saturday 21st - Workday

Sunday 22nd - KAF 1 - National Animal l 16T


Sunday 5th - Sightmarks

Saturday 25th - Workday

Sunday 26th - KAF 2 - Club shoot 12T - Results


Saturday 18th - Workday

Sunday 19th - KAF 3 - National Animal 32T - Results


Saturday 1st - Workday

Sunday 2nd KAF 4 - Club shoot 24T


Saturday 2nd - Workday

Sunday 3rd - KAF 5 - Club shoot 24T


Kent Archery Association County Field Championships


Saturday 7th - Workday

Sunday 8th - 24 target Unmarked/Marked

TBC - Workday

TBC - KAF 6 - Club shoot 24T

Included in the schedule above are work party events. These are vital and are required to allow the shooting events to occur.


The 2016 shooting schedule is detailed below:

31st January - Have a go session

27th February - Work Party Event
28th February - KAF Shoot number 1 - 12 targets

19th March - KAF Shoot number 2 - 12 target animal faces - RESULTS

30th April - Work Party
1st May - KAF Shoot number 3 - 24 target unmarked WA field - RESULTS

2nd July - Work Party
3rd July- KAF Shoot number 4 - 24 target animal faces - RESULTS

17th September - Work Party
18th September - KAF Shoot number 5 - 12 x 2 target WA field - RESULTS


27th November - KAF Shoot number 6 - 12 target WA field - Results

Included in the schedule above are work party events. These are vital and are required to allow the shooting events to occur.