Accessibility is just about making websites available to the greatest number of internet users.


Although a website such as this is primarily a visual medium, the KAA will make every practical effort to ensure that:

  • it is designed and constructed with visually impaired visitors in mind;
  • nothing in its design, construction and content makes it unnecessarily difficult for visually impaired visitors to use it;
  • it complies with current W3C accessibility standards;
  • it complies with current BBC Future Media Standards, these being the industry de-facto leading standard.

Thus the choice and size of fonts is intended to help those with less severe vision problems and all font sizes will scale up or down by using appropriate browser settings. All pages will remain readable, even if all styling is disabled, but some table data might become difficult to read if not laid out as intended.

The KAA wants to ensure that this web site is available to all, and has therefore endeavoured to make it fully compatible with all relevant standards.

However, we also recognise that the blind pursuit of any set(s) of standards does not lead automatically to an accessible, useful and enjoyable website and that in any case, assistive technologies sometimes evolve faster than standards; we will therefore try to find pragmatic solutions to any issues you encounter.

So if you have any accessibility problem relating to this web site, or if you have any suggestions about improving accessibility, please do not hesitate to report the issue to the Webmaster.

Screen Reader Support

Because of the wide range and cost of screen-reader software it has not been practical to specifically test this web-site for compatibility. However all pages on this web site are tested against any relevant standards (currently WCAG 1.0) and this should ensure compatibility with the majority of screen-readers; Retesting against updated standards will be undertaken from time to time, to ensure continued compliance.

If you use a screen-reader and have problems accessing or using any part of this website, please let the webmaster know and we will do everything practical to correct or work around the problem.