County Records - Introduction

Records Lists

The Kent Archery Association currently maintains county records in each of the main disciplines that our members shoot and these records are published in several volumes for ease of reference. Each document contains only the records that were current on the date it was published - if the date on the most recent one looks a bit old, this just means that no new records have been agreed since then. Previous editions of these documents before late 2006 exist only as hardcopy and it is unlikely that these will be available electronically in the foreseeable future.

Spaces in these documents denote records that the county association maintains, but for which no claim has hitherto been made - they are therefore opportunities, not gaps! Occasionally you will see a record that has been highlighted in green - this denotes a perfect score and therefore a record that will stand in perpetuity.

While those documents constitute the 'official' record of county records, we also publish a list of the new county records ratified during each calendar year; these are provided for information and convenience only - they do not form part of the official record.

Please note that if you claim a new county record, it will appear in these lists shortly after it has been agreed by the county Records Officer and ratified by the county committee. Because the county committee only meets periodically, there is likely to be a delay between claiming a record and publication.

It is also important to be aware that once a record is included, it will not change until it is superseded by a new record. So if your name changes (for example because of marriage, divorce or deed-poll) or your club changes, your name and club name will remain as it was at the time you established the record.

From time to time one of the governing bodies may either make a substantial change to a round or even discontinue a round; if either of these happen, the county association will freeze the existing record - it is then moved to the "Closed Records" section at the end of the relevant list.

Claiming a Record

Full details of how to claim a county record are included in our publication, KAA Policy - County Records.

It provides information about who can claim a record, what they have to do to qualify and how to make the claim using the KAA County Record Claim Form, available in various formats from the downloads section of this website.

All record claims must be sent direct to the county Records Officer - your club Records Officer will have contact details. Unfortunately it is not currently practical to submit claims online because of the need to provide supporting documentation and (in some cases) the signature of a club official.

Notable Changes

Names of Rounds

The names of rounds that are defined by World Archery no longer include the old FITA name. All related name changes have been applied retrospectively to ensure historical consistency.

The Date a Round was Shot

For records approved up to March 2008, only the month and year in which they were shot was recorded; all such records are therefore shown as having been shot on the 1st day of the month. New records approved during or after May 2008 show the exact date.

The Date a Record was Approved

All records approved up to 31 December 2006 are shown as having been approved on 31 December 2006; available historical information does not currently allow us to be more precise.

Junior Categories

Junior records will not always be shown in the category in which they were originally approved; for example records that were established:

  • when the KAA previously maintained a single combined age-group and this was subsequently split, records will have been reassigned to the appropriate individual age group;
  • before the changes to ArcheryGB junior age groups - these are now shown under the current age groups.

Rounds No Longer Maintained

Records that are no longer maintained (e.g. because the round is no longer recognised for records) are shown greyed out. Very occasionally an entire category might cease to be recognised (e.g. the Compound Limited bow style for Target Archery) - this will be indicated by displaying the entire table, including caption and headings, in this way.