Frequently Asked Questions

New Members

I want to try out archery; where do I go?

The first place to look is in our list of clubs or club map, where you can look for a club in your area, take a look at their web site and find contact information. If you can't find suitable contact information there, then get in touch with our county secretary, who can help you to contact a local club.

I want to try out archery; do I need to buy a bow and arrows first?

No! Tempting though it might be to kit yourself out so that you can do a beginners' course with your own equipment, this is actually a very risky thing to do and it could easily be an expensive mistake. It is normally necessary to tailor the equipment very carefully to the individual after they have learned the basics of shooting.

Any club that runs beginners' courses will almost certainly include the use of a suitable bow and arrows in the price of the course. Then, when you are ready to get your own, they will advise and help you select equipment that suits you.

How do I join a club?

First find a suitable club, local to where you live or work - our list of clubs or club map is a good place to start. You will find contact information there as well, so phone or email the club for more details about when and where they meet.

If you are completely new to archery, or your experience is limited, you will normally be expected to attend a beginners' course at the club. This will give you a sound knowledge of safety requirements and a good basic technique to build on. It also gives you an opportunity to learn about the club and gives the club an opportunity to get to know you.

How do I join the KAA?

Normally, membership of the KAA is arranged through your club and is automatic. Many clubs collect their membership fee, and the affiliation fees for the national, regional and county associations all together; Direct membership of the KAA is only available to long-standing members.

Are all archery clubs in Kent affiliated to the KAA?

No. There are in fact several national organisations for archery in the UK, some of them concerned with specific areas of the sport only. There are also clubs and commercial organisations who operate archery sessions without being covered by any national governing body, but we are not able to offer any advice or information in relation to these.

ArcheryGB is the only national governing body for archery in the UK, affiliated to the British Olympic Association and is the largest. The KAA only covers those clubs in Kent that are part of ArcheryGB.


I need help with my shooting; who can I ask?

Your first port of call should always be your own club. If your club does not have a suitable coach, then your club secretary can put you in touch with the Invicta Coaching Group, who may be able to help.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that all coaches are volunteers - and archers. Most of them shoot regularly and it is not reasonable to expect anyone to just drop what they are doing, even if your problem really is serious. It is also courteous to offer to pay their travelling expenses, unless they really do live just round the corner.


How can I become an archery Judge?

Training to become a judge is only open to members of ArcheryGB (either by through a local archery club or as a Direct Member) and it is normally expected that you will have been an active member for long enough to have gained a reasonable experience of the sport.

In conjunction with the Regional Judges Liaison Officer, we have now published a comprehensive introduction to becoming a judge, where you will find all you need to know about getting started.


My club has lost its ground; can you help?

It is an unfortunate trend that schools and colleges continue to sell off ground to fund development projects and archery is often disadvantaged as a result.

While the KAA has no practical way of preventing this kind of situation from occurring, we have started to work closely with the Kent Sports Development Unit (KSDU), who have a lot of experience with this type of issue across a wide range of sports. For more information, please get in touch with our county Development Officer.

My club is looking for an indoor shooting venue; can you help?

Suitable venues for indoor shooting are in short supply; affordable, suitable venues are very difficult to find.

The Kent Sports Development Unit (KSDU) has contact with many organisations throughout the county and works closely with businesses, education departments and town/district councils to solve similar problems for a range of sports. For more information, please get in touch with our county Development Officer.

My club wants help to develop; can you help?

This question covers a huge range of possible scenarios, so it is not possible to give a specific answer that is applicable in all cases. However, if you are unsure who you should ask for help, first take a look at the Club Development section of this web site; further resources are also available from the ArcheryGB web site.

Alternatively contact the county Development Officer. If the county Development Officer cannot give the help you need, he/she will advise you of the best person to ask or will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.