Web Browser Support

This web site is regularly tested against a range of web browsers and it is our intention to support as many of the commonly used browsers as possible. However it is normally only practical to test against the current or very recent versions of the web browsers shown in the lists below. It is therefore possible that other browsers or earlier versions of these browsers may give incorrect page rendering or may not support some features or not support them fully or correctly.

Whichever combination of device, operating system and browser you choose to use, we strongly recommended for reasons of improved security and functionality that you:

  • ensure that you keep software up to date (especially the operating system and anti-malware);
  • use the most recent version of your chosen browser at all times.

Where one version of a cross-platform browser is tested, it is normally expected to work on other platforms in a similar way to that on which it was tested, but this is not always the case and cannot be guaranteed.


All Browsers

With the exception of Internet Explorer (see below), only the most current version of each browser is supported.

Pre-release (e.g. 'beta test' and 'release candidate') editions of future versions cannot be supported currently.

Less Common Browsers (*)

While the web site is tested regularly against the main browsers, testing against these less commonly used browsers will be less frequent, for example when there is a major revision of the web site or a major new release of the browser.

Internet Explorer (**)

Testing is carried out against the current full release of the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, currently IE11.

Additional testing against supported earlier versions uses Microsoft SuperPreview and the Developer Tools available within the latest version; while every reasonable attempt will be made to ensure that the web site will function correctly in these earlier versions, some compromises may be required. Dynamic content cannot be tested adequately in these earlier versions and support cannot be guaranteed.

  • Testing is no longer carried out against Internet Explorer 7 or earlier and support for these earlier highly problematic versions is no longer possible.
  • Limited support only is available for IE8 and a number of pages are known to display poorly (although it is believed that all important information on those pages remains accessible) - a number features available in later versions of IE and in other mainstream browsers are simply not available in IE8 and continued support would actively prevent development of the website.

Microsoft ended support for WindowsXP on 08 April 2014 (and will issue no further security updates for it) and Windows Vista remains very unpopular, accounting for much less than 1% of traffic on this website; users of Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 are able to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 free of charge. Internet Explorer 11 provides far better security, performance, support for modern internet features and consistency with web standards.

It is therefore planned to cease testing of this website against all versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 11 by the end of 2014.

Web Browsers Used in Testing:
LogoManufacturerBrowserVersionTestedNoteRendering EngineDownload Current VersionDownload Size
Apple Safari logoAppleSafari5.1.710 Aug 2014WebkitNo longer available for Windows after v5.1.731 MB
Avant Browser logoAvant ForceAvant Browser2012Pending*Trident / Gecko / Webkit (soon)www.avantbrowser.com4MB
Comodo Dragon Browser logoComodoDragon23Pending*Webkitwww.comodo.com/products/free-products.php32MB
Comodo IceDragon Browser logoComodoIceDragon18Pending*Geckowww.comodo.com/products/free-products.php31MB
null logoDeepnet SecurityDeepnet Explorer1.5Pending*Tridentdeepnet-explorer.en.softonic.com4MB
null logoDeepnet SecurityDualTrustbetaPending*Tridenthttp://www.deepnetsecurity.com/products/dualtrust138MB
null logoFenrir & Co.Sleipnir3.8Pending*Trident / Geckowww.fenrir-inc.com/global35MB
SlimBoat logoFlashPeakSlimBoat1Pending*Webkitwww.slimboat.com12MB
SlimBrowser logoFlashPeakSlimBrowser6Pending*Tridentslimbrowser.flashpeak.com3MB
Flock logoFlockFlockAllN/a.GeckoSupport discontinued 26 April 2011, following withdrawal of browser.N/a.
Google Chrome logoGoogleChrome3510 Aug 2014Blinkwww.google.co.uk/chrome22MB
Maxthon logoMaxthon InternationalCloud Browser4Pending*Tridentwww.maxthon.com31Mb
Dooble logoMegas, AlexisDooble1Pendingdooble.sourceforge.net/28Mb
Microsoft Internet Explorer logoMicrosoftInternet Explorer1110 Aug 2014Tridentwww.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/ie.aspx?q=internet+explorer29MB (Windows 7)
Microsoft Internet Explorer logoMicrosoftInternet Explorer1010 Aug 2014**Tridentwww.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/ie.aspx?q=internet+explorer22-42MB
Microsoft Internet Explorer logoMicrosoftInternet Explorer910 Aug 2014**Tridentwww.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/ie.aspx?q=internet+explorer17-35MB
Microsoft Internet Explorer logoMicrosoftInternet Explorer810 Aug 2014**Tridentwww.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/ie.aspx?q=internet+explorer13-16MB
GreenBrowser logoMore Quick ToolsGreenBrowser6Pending*Tridentmorequick.com1MB
Mozilla Firefox logoMozillaFirefox3212 Sep 2014Geckowww.mozilla.com23MB
Mozilla SeaMonkey logoMozillaSeaMonkey2Pending*Geckohttp://www.seamonkey-project.org21MB
Netscape Navigator logoNetscapeNavigatorAllN/a.GeckoSupport discontinued 01 March 2008, following withdrawal of browser.N/a.
Opera logoOpera SoftwareOpera2328 Aug 2014Blink (⇐ Presto up to v.13?)www.opera.com/computer27MB
Wyzo logoRadical SoftwareWyzo3Pending*Geckowww.wyzo.com/14MB
QupZilla logoRosca, DavidQupZilla1Pending*Webkitwww.qupzilla.com29MB
No available logoSRWareIron23Pending*Geckowww.srware.net/en/software_srware_iron.php25MB
K-Meleon logoChristophe Thibault et al.K-MeleonAllN/a.GeckoSupport discontinued 31 December 2012, as browser appears moribund.N/a.
W3C Amaya logoW3CAmaya11.410 Aug 2014www.w3.org/amaya14MB

Other Desktop Systems

Apple Mac

No support for Apple Mac is currently practical.

Testing will continue for the time being against Apple Safari 5.1.7 running on Windows 7/8, and it is hoped that this will provide a realistic test for how Safari will render within an Apple environment. However, it is acknowledged that this cannot be assured and that later versions of Safari will steadily diverge to the point where the existing test has little value.


No support for Linux is currently practical.


It is recognised that the existing website does not display well on some small screen devices, such as smartphones, so a mobile version of the website is planned as part of on-going development.

Support for Android is planned to start during 2014 and some basic testing has already taken place using version 4.2 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on a 7" (1024 x 600 pixel) display.

Web Browsers Used in Testing:
ManufacturerBrowserVersionTest StatusNoteRendering EngineDownload Current VersionDownload Size
BoatMob Boat Browser logoBoatMobBoat Browser5PendingUnspecifiedwww.boatmob.com3.4 MB
BoatMob Boat Browser Mini logoBoatMobBoat Browser Mini4PendingUnspecifiedwww.boatmob.com2.3 MB
Cloudmosa Puffin Browser logoCloudmosaPuffin2PendingUnspecifiedwww.puffinbrowser.com8.6 MB
Google Chrome logoGoogleChrome16 Feb 2014Webkit (⇒ Blink w.e.f. mid/late-2013).www.google.co.uk/chromeVaries with device
Mobotap Dolphin logoMobotapDolphin for Pad1 (beta)PendingUnspecifieddolphin-browser.com1.7 MB
Mozilla Firefox logoMozillaFirefox for AndroidPendingGeckowww.mozilla.comVaries with device
Opera logoOpera SoftwareOpera MiniPendingWebkit (⇒ Blink w.e.f. mid/late-2013).www.opera.com/browserVaries with device
Opera logoOpera SoftwareOpera MobilePendingWebkit (⇒ Blink w.e.f. mid/late-2013).www.opera.com/browserVaries with device

Other Mobile Devices

It is recognised that the existing website does not display well on some small screen devices, such as smartphones, so a mobile version of the website is planned as part of on-going development.

We have yet to determine what testing will be practical (either using actual mobile devices or simulation) given the huge variety of devices and screen resolutions currently in use.

  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows RT
  • Symbian
  • Blackberry
  • Apple iPhone/iPad
  • Amazon Kindle