Kent Club Map

The map below only includes archery clubs that are affiliated to the Kent Archery Association (KAA).

The KAA area corresponds to the traditional county boundary as it was before the 1963 local authority boundary changes and includes Medway and several of the London Boroughs. Some clubs that are located close to a county boundary occasionally elect to affiliate to the neighbouring county; similarly, clubs in the part of the old county that now lies in the London Boroughs, may fall under either the Kent or the County of London Archery Association according to their preference.

If you are new to archery and you cannot find the information you are looking for here or in the club list, then please contact the county Secretary for further advice. However, please note that questions about beginners courses can only be answered by the individual club - availability of these courses varies from club to club and depends on local demand and the availability of suitable trainers; they are often organised at very short notice, so it is not currently practical to maintain a central list.