Club Tournaments

In addition to the tournaments organised by the county association, many of our clubs also organise tournaments. These vary from outdoor target rounds during the main outdoor season, to indoor tournaments during the winter, to field and clout tournaments (mostly during spring and autumn).

Some are small local shoots, while others are larger and may attract archers from neighbouring counties; some are of relatively short duration taking up just an afternoon, while others are a full day or even two days in length; some are specifically for longbow archers, others include all of the modern bow-types as well.

While there are relatively few tournaments specifically for juniors, almost all include sections for them; almost all tournaments are able to accommodate archers with disabilities, including those who shoot from a wheelchair, even if this is not specifically mentioned on the tournament details and entry form.

Every club is entitled to run tournaments if they wish and so there is a considerable variety available throughout the year - there should be something available to suit almost all tastes and often the biggest problem is deciding how many you have the time for!

Important Note: The great majority of archery tournaments are only available to archers who are members of ArcheryGB or of another national governing body that is affiliated to World Archery. Some traditional longbow tournaments may also be open to members of BLBS and our clubs occasionally organise events under the auspices of other archery organisations.

Details about who may enter a tournament is always stated in the tournament prospectus.

Many clubs organise beginners' courses and/or "have-a-go" events that are available to members of the public who would like to find out more about archery, but tournaments are never open to members of the general public to take part.

The diary section of this website is open to all of our clubs that want to advertise their tournaments (or any other events they run), so visit the diary to find out what is available at a time and place to suit you. There is a separate diary for each year, plus a planning diary that lists tournaments that are normally held every year at about the same date (but beware of Easter - because its date is rather irregular it can affect the timing of tournaments, especially in March and April).