Target Championship (Indoors)


The Indoor Target Championship has been held each year since 1989. The normal date for the tournament is the 2nd. Sunday in November, a date that is almost invariably adhered to.

Because of the shortage of suitable and affordable venues, the event is incorporated into the indoor tournament run by one of our clubs, Ashford Archers. The entire organisation and running of the tournament is delegated to them; they prepare the overall tournament results and awards in the same way as for any competition, but they also prepare the Kent championship results, according to the current county policy - the county association then provides and presents the trophies and medals for the county championship.

Of course only a member of the KAA can compete to become a Kent champion and any member of the KAA who enters the tournament is automatically

d in the appropriate category of the county championship. However, it is important to note that only archers affiliated to ArcheryGB or another World Archery member association are eligible to shoot at this event.

Full details are available in the Association's Championships and Tournaments Policy and relevant information is also

d in the entry form.


The event consists of the traditional British Portsmouth round for all age groups and bow-styles; this consists of 5 dozen arrows shot at 20 yards on a 60cm target face with 10-zone scoring.

Like many indoor tournaments, this one includes a number of separate sessions during the day and archers may be permitted to shoot during more than one session; in such cases only the first round shot is eligible for inclusion in the county championship.


In common with most county associations, the KAA does not own a permanent indoor tournament venue and the tournament is too large to be readily accommodated at any of our clubs. So in common with most other indoor tournaments, a venue is hired specifically for the occasion. Over the years this tournament has been held at a number of locations in the county:

2006Homewood School, Tenterden(map)
19892005Stour Centre, Ashford(map)


Results of recent tournaments are available for download:
(Please note that prior to 2007 they are scanned copies of the original printed documents, so the quality is much lower than for recent years):


A full list of past and present champions is available in our Hall of Fame.

The recurve and compound bow categories were

d from the outset; the longbow existed, of course, but relatively few members of the Association chose to shoot with it until fairly recently. During the 1990s and subsequently, the longbow gained massively in popularity and has been d as a separate category since 2000.

Up until 2010 the title of "Champion" was awarded separately for Senior Ladies, Senior Gentlemen and a single combined category for Juniors (i.e. under 18 years of age) in each recognised bow-style. However, since 2011 the junior categories have been split and the title of "Champion" is now awarded separately for Junior Ladies and Junior Gentlemen.

The title of "Champion" is currently awarded separately for each combination of:

Bow StyleCompound, Recurve Freestyle, Recurve Barebow and Longbow.
GenderLadies and Gentlemen
Age GroupSenior and Junior (combining all juniors in a single age-group)


The Association's trophies are all awarded on the basis that they must be returned in time for the following year's tournament. The Championships and Tournaments Policy gives further details about the responsibilities of anyone to whom a trophy is awarded.

Normally each trophy is accompanied by a medal, which the winner is entitled to keep in perpetuity; team awards are accompanied by a medal for each team member.

Kent Awards


Bow StyleGenderAge GroupTrophy Name
Compound UnlimitedLadySeniorKAA Committee Cup
Compound UnlimitedLadyJuniorKAA Trophy [Junior Lady Compound]
Compound UnlimitedGentlemanSeniorAshford Trophy
Compound UnlimitedGentlemanJuniorM & F Bowman Trophy
Recurve FreestyleLadySeniorQuicks Trophy
Recurve FreestyleLadyJuniorKAA Trophy [Junior Lady Recurve]
Recurve FreestyleGentlemanSeniorKAA Cup
Recurve FreestyleGentlemanJuniorTop Table Trophy
Recurve BarebowLadySenior(No trophy currently available)
Recurve BarebowLadyJunior(No trophy currently available)
Recurve BarebowGentlemanSenior(No trophy currently available)
Recurve BarebowGentlemanJunior(No trophy currently available)
LongbowLadySeniorTen-Ring Archery Trophy [Lady Longbow]
LongbowLadyJunior(No trophy currently available)
LongbowGentlemanSeniorTen-Ring Archery Trophy [Gentleman Longbow]
LongbowGentlemanJunior(No trophy currently available)

Club Teams

At present the only awards for teams are awarded by the host club on an "Open" basis.

Visitors' & Open Awards

The host club is responsible for all awards other than those for the County Championship and they are given at their sole discretion and might change from time to time. More complete and definitive information is provided on the current tournament entry form.

These currently include open awards for:

  • each session for individual winners,
  • overall individual winners,
  • double rounds,
  • club teams.