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The author has invested considerable time and effort in developing this website, but it would have been considerably more of both and would have yielded less impressive (flashy?) results, were it not for huge range of code, markup, icons, techniques and other assets that have been made available free of charge by developers all over the world.

Developers such as these are major contributors to making the internet as big, as valuable and as exciting as it is today. My thanks to you all:

SourceContributionLicenseWhat It Does
Aaron GustafsonJavaScript - Tab InterfaceUnrestricted MITFunction to convert headings to horizontal tabs.
Stuart LangridgeJavaScript - Date FormatterUnrestricted MIT (X11)Enables users to sort HTML tables, by clicking table headers.
Steven LevithanJavaScript - 'Sorttable'Unrestricted MITFunction to convert dates from any native format to any specified format.
SitePointMultipleUnrestricted MITMany and varied code, mark-up and styling snippets.

In some cases code has been used exactly as supplied, in others it has been adapted to suit the specific needs here, but in all cases within the terms of the author's license and in all cases the copyright remains with the original author.

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