Archery Development

Development takes many forms and can include development of:

  • individual archers as competitors or as leisure participants
  • clubs (e.g. organisation; understanding legal requirements, restrictions and opportunities; interaction with each other; more clubs in areas of the county where there are few; etc.)
  • the county association (e.g. organisation; professionalism; proficiency at running events and teams; ability to help clubs develop; etc.)
  • the sport (e.g. external marketing; delivering what the general public wants; making more forms of the sport available; etc.)

While some of this comes under the general heading of "coaching" and therefore should be dealt with by those who are qualified or experienced in that field, much of it relates to our capabilities in running the sport, making the sport more attractive and attracting new members. If you have ideas about what the county association can do to help you or your club, or what it can do to improve its own position in the sport, then please feel free to contact the county Development Officer with your suggestions.

This ought to become the most important part of the web site, but to achieve that, we need input from our members and clubs.


ontarget is a club development programme that was launched by ArcheryGB at the National Development Conference in October 2010.

It provides a number of benefits that will be added to over time and inclusion in the programme is entirely voluntary. At present it includes:

  • a small grant scheme (£pound;500 - £1,500) to help clubs increase capacity or attract new participants
  • on-demand printing of club promotional material by Ironbridge Digital

Further information about the programme and how to apply is available here and from the ArcheryGB website.

EduCare for Sport

EduCare for Sport is designed to help you ensure that your club is always fully up to date on all essential areas of duty of care from safeguarding children and young people and vulnerable adults, through to safe food preparation and handling, and secure premises.

The content of EduCare for Sport is produced in conjunction with recognised experts. It is easy to learn and uses the popular EduCare methodology. This simply delivers essential information, measures the impact, provides evidence of learning and clearly signposts people on to any additional learning or training they need. EduCare programmes have been used by over 2 million people.

It is available from any computer, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for maximum accessibility.

Further information is available on the EduCare website and discounts are available to ontarget clubs by contacting Arran Coggan at the ArcheryGB office.

All Educare courses are available free of charge to registered CPOs of clubs affiliated to the KAA. For details please contact the county CPO.


The ArcheryGB safeguarding policy is mandatory for all of its clubs; its purpose is to ensure compliance with UK law and a minimum set of standards to provide a safe environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults to enjoy their sport.

ArcheryGB Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults: Download as a PDF document (517Kb)
Guidance Notes on the ArcheryGB Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults: Download as a Word document (261Kb)
Play Sport, Stay Safe - A Guide for Sports Clubs and Organisations (NSPCC, KentSport, SportEngland): Download as a PDF document (1.3Mb)
Play Sport, Stay Safe - A Guide for Coaches, Leaders and Officials (NSPCC, KentSport, SportEngland): Download as a PDF document (1.6Mb)
Play Sport, Stay Safe - A Guide for Parents and Carers (NSPCC, KentSport, SportEngland): Download as a PDF document (1.2Mb)
How to Stay Safe and Have Fun in Sport (KentSport): Download as a PDF document (4.2Mb)
NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit
Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly the Independent Safeguarding Authority)

Printed copies of Kent Sport leaflets are also available by contacting Jennifer Taylor at KentSport either by e-mail, or by telephone on 01622 605055.


The ClubMark scheme was introduced by SportEngland in 2002 to provide a common set of minimum national standards across all sports, that demonstrate to parents and carers that a club is committed to providing a safe, effective and child-friendly environment for children & young people.


Awards and grants are widely available from the Lottery Fund, local government, businesses and other organisations, to help with providing a wide range of sporting facilities, equipment and training. The available funding changes frequently.

Club Administration

A wide range of information and courses are available covering many aspects of club administration, including Corporation Tax.