Launch of ArcheryGB's 'On Target' Development Programme

What is 'OnTarget'?

ontarget is the new club development programme that was launched by ArcheryGB at the National Development Conference in October 2010.

Let's start by laying a few ghosts! Contrary to some rumours going round, it is not a policy, or compulsory and it's not a kind of accreditation (like ClubMark, for example). So what is it?

Very simply, ArcheryGB actually do realise that clubs may want/need help to prosper, grow and become better equipped to deliver the best possible 'archery experience' to existing and new members. Now, with the help of an award from SportEngland, they have the resources to make a start on doing just that. The award was not large, so the resources are limited at present. ontarget is a development programme that clubs can sign up to, if they believe that it will help them, but if you don't believe that it will help your club, then there really is no obligation to join.

More information about the programme is available from the 'Development' section of the ArcheryGB web site, particularly in the Clubs part of it.


Some benefits are available straight away, but others will be added to the programme over a period of time.

So why has ontarget been launched before the programme has been completely developed? Well, there are two main reasons:

  • it would delay the benefits that are already available.
  • although the benefits have been selected as a result of common club issues, it is very likely that over time, alternative or additional benefits will be identified and added - the programme must remain flexible enough to adjust to future needs.


Publication of club names and their achievements, promotion of clubs to partners, schools and the local community and annual awards celebrating club and volunteer successes.


The first tangible benefit to be

d in the programme is a small grant scheme (£500 - £1,500) to help clubs increase capacity or attract new participants. This runs from now until January 2011 (or until the maximum number of applications have been approved). Agreement has been reached with Irongate Digital, a Shropshire firm that specialises in on-demand printing, to give clubs access to a range of promotion material (like posters and brochures), that they can personalise and have professionally printed.

Further benefits will be added at later stages of the programme.


Clubs will be able to access resources to develop and enhance the club and its activities. Officer support, guidance, templates and documents will all be available and clubs will be apply to work toward becoming a specialist club.

That last paragraph is a direct quote from the ArcheryGB web site, but please note that the phrase 'specialist club' might be misleading. The intention here is to help clubs to develop a strong level of competence and confidence in particular areas - it should not be interpreted as meaning that a club will devote itself exclusively to one or other of those areas. ArcheryGB will be consulting on this part of the programme during 2011.

The Cost

It costs nothing to enroll in the programme.

However, clubs that join the programme are expected to:

  • be open and friendly,
  • advance archery and
  • proactively work with the Development Team

How 'OnTarget' Differs from ClubMark?

Firstly, they serve two very different purposes: while ClubMark is an accreditation that demonstrates a particular level of competence and commitment to junior members, ontarget is an opportunity to develop many aspects of your club.

There are places where the two schemes have common objectives (indeed, if you are pursuing ClubMark, then ontarget might help) and junior members and recruitment might well benefit from both. Given the importance of our juniors to the future of the sport, it would perhaps be surprising if there were no common ground between the two schemes.

How to Apply

The ArcheryGB website has an on-line application form and a downloadable hard-copy version to make it easier to collect the required information.

The information requested is just some basic details about the club and its membership (this will be available from the new membership system in time, but that system is in its early days yet). Most clubs should be able to complete the application in less than 10 minutes. There are no right or wrong answers on the form.

Remember the small grants scheme only runs until the end of January 2011, so any club that is interested in the ontarget programme is advised to apply as soon as possible.