Transfers From Other Clubs

From Outside ArcheryGB

Any archer who wishes to move to your club, but who is not already a member of ArcheryGB, must be treated as a new member, as described in New Members to the Sport.

From Another ArcheryGB Club

This section applies only to existing ArcheryGB members who wish to change their primary club (i.e. the club through which they pay their ArcheryGB membership fees).

Before you do anything else, it is important to check GNAS Law 20, to determine whether the potential new member is able to enter tournaments under their new club's name, or whether they must continue to shoot for their old club until the end of the current membership year. This is especially important if they are transferring from a club in a different county and/or region, as it also impacts their entitlement to shoot for their county and claim county records. This might affect the timing of their move and it might be necessary to treat them as an associate member (as described in How Membership Works) for the remainder of the current membership year.

If They Can Transfer Immediately

This is not normally possible, so please contact the ArcheryGB Membership Officer, who will confirm what action can be taken.

If They Must Wait Until the Next Membership Year

No action need be taken concerning their affiliation until the "Annual Renewal" (Form A) is received in July. They will not be included and must not be added to it. Instead they must be dealt with in the same way as a newcomer to the sport (as described in New Members to the Sport), except that their existing ArcheryGB membership number must be included on the "Payment Summary and Membership Update" form, so that:

  • they continue to receive the same membership number;
  • they continue to receive their copy of Archery UK without interruption;
  • any coaching or judging qualification or national records held continue to be linked to their membership correctly;
  • ArcheryGB is aware that this is a transfer, not a new recruit to the sport, and so has a more realistic understanding of the dynamics of the sport's membership.