County Invitation Tournament


The "County Invitation Tournament" is normally held early in the outdoor season each year and consists of non-record status York, Hereford and Bristol rounds according to gender and age group. Attendance is open only to members of the Association and is by invitation only to those who achieved Kent County Bowman level or above in the previous year. Invitations are issued early in the New Year.

While this is not a formal trial and there are no important awards, it is a good opportunity for archers to showcase their current form. At the foot of the invitation letter is a tear-off return slip in which there is normally provision to indicate your expected availability for county matches during the summer. This is not a firm commitment, but may influence whether you are considered for specific matches.

The event is organised and run by the County Captain who is elected to the KAA Operational Committee each year at the Association's AGM. However, it is the county Records Officer who is responsible for identifying who to invite, based on scores and achievements received during the previous year.

Full details are available in the Association's Championships and Tournaments Policy and relevant information is also

d in the invitation letter.

If you believe that you are entitled to receive an invitation, but do not receive it, please check with the county Records Officer as this might indicate that scores and achievements for the previous year have not been received.


The event consists of the traditional British 12 dozen rounds:

The required rounds, showing the number of dozen arrows shot at each distance.
GentlemenLadiesRound122cm Face
Under 18Bristol 1642
Under 16Under 18Bristol 2642
Under 14Under 16Bristol 3642
Under 12Under 14Bristol 4642
Under 12Bristol 5642

All competitors are required to shoot the standard round for their gender and age.

Very occasionally the event has been reduced to a shorter round or even curtailed early because of weather conditions - when this happens all awards are still presented provided that some shooting has been possible, but are based on the shortened event.


In common with most county associations, the KAA does not own a permanent tournament ground, so over the years this tournament has been held at a number of locations in the county and in some years separate junior and senior events have been held on consecutive days, as the available venue could not accommodate both together:

2010Vigo Rugby Football Club(map)
20092009Gravesend Archers' ground, Meopham(map)
20072008Allington Castle Archers' ground, Maidstone(map)
19962006Hadlow College(map)
19911995Walderslade High School, Chatham(map)
????1990Oakwood Park, Maidstone(map)


Results of recent tournaments are available for download:
(Please note that prior to 2007 they are scanned copies of the original printed documents, so the quality is much lower than for recent years):


This is not a County Champion Status event.


As mentioned above, this tournament is not primarily about awards and trophies, but some winners are presented with one of the following informal trophies, all of which are awarded on the basis that they must be returned in time for the following year's tournament; no medals are presented.

Kent Awards


Bow StyleGenderAge GroupTrophy Name
Compound UnlimitedLadyCombinedEaster Bunny
Compound UnlimitedGentlemanCombinedEaster Bunny
Recurve FreestyleLadyCombinedChick-on-a-Stick
Recurve FreestyleGentlemanCombinedChick-on-a-Stick
Recurve BarebowLadyCombined(No trophy currently available)
Recurve BarebowGentlemanCombined(No trophy currently available)
LongbowLadyCombinedCuddly Worm
LongbowGentlemanCombinedCuddly Worm


Bow StyleGenderAge GroupTrophy Name
CombinedCombinedCombinedTeam Challenge Trophy