Privacy Policy

Note: the following policy applies only to this website and nothing in its content should be assumed to apply to other activities of the KAA.


With effect from 01 May 2012, this website no longer uses cookies for any purpose.

Cookies that had previously been used to store the display preferences of users will persist until they expire or are manually deleted, but will not be accessed by this website. Our previous policy on the use of cookies is shown below.

A change in the law regarding the use of internet cookies (see Section 6 of The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003) took full effect on 26 May 2012, following a period of grace to allow website owners to make the necessary changes. From that date onward, it becomes an offence to create, read or update cookies without the explicit consent of the individual person accessing the website. (Previously it was only necessary to describe in a Privacy Policy the purpose of the cookies used by the website.) There are a small number of exceptions to this requirement, relating to functions like internet "shopping trolleys", but our usage (and that of many other websites) does not fall within any of the allowable exceptions.

Unfortunately the advice from the regulatory authorities (the Information Controller's Office) is so vague as to have no practical value on several key points:

  • identification of an individual person and acceptable surrogates (e.g. an individual PC user account),
  • acceptable methods for storing and updating cookie preferences,
  • the acceptability of using persistent/session cookies for holding typographical preferences to assist visually impaired users (e.g. font style and size).

This website previously used a cookie to store preferences relating to the way in which the website is displayed and further options relating to font style and size (primarily for the benefit of visually impaired users) were under development. The unfortunate impact of the new legislation and lack of practical advice is that these facilities cannot be made available; we regret that it has been necessary to cancel the intended new developments, which will cannot now take place within the foreseeable future.

Previous Policy (28 December 2007 - 28 April 2012)

This web site uses a small text file, known as a "cookie", to record your preference for the format in which pages are displayed.

If cookies are enabled in your browser settings, this file will be stored on your computer so that all pages are displayed in the same way and to ensure that the same preference is used on future occasions that you visit this web site.

No other information is collected or stored and the cookie is not used for any other purpose. The Kent Archery Association does not collect or store any information about you from this web site.

Most web browsers give various options for handling cookies, but all operate differently, so for details on how to access and change these options, please consult the "Help" menu in your specific browser or go to

Please note that only the default web page format will be available to you if you choose to block this cookie and future visits to this site will return to the default format if you delete the cookie.

Personal Data

The KAA not automatically collect personal data for any purpose, other than as described in Hosting Statistics below.

You might be required to provide personal data in connection with a specific function, but in all such cases:

  • this will be clear to the visitor,
  • the information will be used only for the individual, specified purpose.

As a direct consequence of taking such a strict approach, if you wish to use more than one function that requires personal data, or you wish to use one such function more than once, you will be required to provide the data separately for each instance.

Note: your browser might store information that you have provided, to pre-fill or provide suggestions for filling similar inputs in the future; this feature is controlled only in your browser settings and is not in way controlled or influenced by this website.

Hosting Statistics

In common with all website hosts, ours collects web-server log file information automatically and this is likely to include (but might not be limited to) your IP address, browser type, referring/exit pages, and operating system. We receive some of this as aggregated statistics that does not identify individuals and use it to:

  • administer our website,
  • understand how visitors navigate through our website,
  • help to identify and solve technical problems with the website.

The website hosts use it additionally to fulfill a variety of requirements of UK law.

External Web Sites

This web site contains "hyperlinks" to a variety of other web sites that are operated by other organisations and businesses and contain information, products and services that we believe are likely to be of interest to our visitors. These links are provided for your interest and convenience only.

The Kent Archery Association has no influence or control over the content of these sites and neither offers nor implies any recommendation or warrantee regarding their content. These third party websites have their own privacy policies, including cookies, and we urge you to review them. They will govern the use of personal data you submit or that is collected by cookies while visiting these websites. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of such third party websites and your use of such websites is at your own risk.

If you consider the content of any such external web site to be offensive or unsuitable, please let the webmaster know, so that we can investigate and take appropriate action.