Membership Fee Structure

Club Fees

Clubs are entitled to organise their own membership process and fees to suit their local requirements - their membership year and how they calculate fees might differ from the national (ArcheryGB), regional (SCAS) and county (KAA) bodies and from club to club.

All clubs that are affiliated to the KAA also require their members to pay the membership fees to ArcheryGB, SCAS and the KAA. The club might quote a single total that includes all of these, or it might tell you each of the fees separately, however we believe that all members should be aware of the separate components, so that they know about the existence of each organisation and can become involved in them, if they should choose.

Alternatively, in some circumstances a club can elect to affiliate direct to ArcheryGB, in which case neither the club nor its members are required to pay SCAS or KAA membership fees. However, the 'quid pro quo' is that the club and its members will then be unable to take part in the activities of those bodies, for example they

  • do not qualify for county/regional records,
  • are not eligible for selection to county teams,
  • cannot take part in county/regional championships,
  • cannot attend or vote at county/regional AGMs or stand for posts on committees.

National, Regional and County Fees

ArcheryGB, SCAS and the KAA all use the same fixed membership year, which applies to all members, irrespective of when they first joined. That membership year runs from 01 October in one year to 30 September in the following calendar year.

ArcheryGB, SCAS and the KAA do not offer a refund of fees to members who leave the sport part way through a membership year.

The current fees can be found from the main menu under Clubs ⇒ Fees.

En-Bloc Club Fees

Some types of club pay an "en-bloc" membership fee that replaces the requirement for each member to pay a separate membership fee, but this is subject to the club being specifically registered with ArcheryGB as a qualifying type of club.

En-bloc fees are paid once during the membership renewal process and cover all members for the year. Each club is free to decide whether and how it will recover the en-bloc fee from its members.

Direct Membership

ArcheryGB allows direct membership, subject to certain restrictions. Anyone who becomes a direct member of ArcheryGB is also required to arrange direct membership of a regional and a county association - this must be arranged separately with each of them.

Fees for direct membership are substantially higher than for membership via a club; this is to cover the additional administrative costs involved. There is no reduction for new members who join part way through a membership year.

Fees for Club Members

Except where a club pays an "en-bloc" fee, every shooting member of the club is required to pay an annual membership fee to the national, regional and county governing bodies. Unless Direct/Individual Membership has been agreed, membership must be arranged through the club.

ArcheryGB offers pro-rated reductions of fees for anyone joining part way through the membership year; the KAA offers free membership for anyone joining during the last three months. These discounts apply only to people joining ArcheryGB for the first time and do not apply to late renewals or lapsed members.