Longbow Championship


This event used to be known as the Kent Longbow Tournament, but it was upgraded to championship status to acknowledge the considerable growth in interest in the traditional English longbow in recent years. The normal date for the tournament is the 3rd. Sunday in May.

The event is organised and run by a Tournament Organiser who is elected to the KAA Operational Committee each year at the Association's AGM.

Of course only a member of the KAA can compete to become a Kent champion, but visitors from outside of the county are always welcome and separate awards are provided, depending on the number of entries. It is important to note that only archers affiliated to ArcheryGB, another World Archery member association, or (with effect from 2014) BLBS are eligible to shoot at this event.

Full details are available in the Association's Championships and Tournaments Policy and relevant information is also

d in the entry form.


The event consists of two traditional British 6-dozen National rounds, the first being shot during the morning and the second after the customary break for lunch; results are based on the combined scores for the two rounds. All competitors shoot the same distances (60yds. & 50 yds.), regardless of gender and age

For some years up to 2013 the entire event was shot under ArcheryGB rules in one direction, because of which, it was not possible to include members of the BLBS, unless they were also members of ArcheryGB.

However, starting in 2014 the event was changed to the traditional two-way format, beloved of longbow archers. That meant that members of the BLBS, who are not also ArcheryGB members, can also take part, although they would not be eligible for the title of county champion - that title is available only for members of the Kent Archery Association.

It is also important to note that such traditional two-way events are often described as being 'shot to BLBS rules'; this is actually not true, because all ArcheryGB events can only be shot according to the ArcheryGB Rules of Shooting. It is just that for traditional two-way events, the ArcheryGB Rules of Shooting allow a limited number of variations that make the format more like, but not necessarily identical to, the BLBS format.

Very occasionally the event may be reduced to a shorter round or even curtailed early because of weather conditions - but this is rare, because mere wind and rain are shrugged aside by these hardy individuals. However in severe conditions all awards (including championships) are still presented provided that some shooting has been possible, but are based on the shortened event.


In common with most county associations, the KAA does not own a permanent tournament ground so over the years this tournament has been held at a number of locations in the county:

2010Vigo Rugby Football Club(map)
20072009Gravesend Archers' ground, Meopham(map)


Results of recent tournaments are available for download:
(Please note that prior to 2007 they are scanned copies of the original printed documents, so the quality is much lower than for recent years):


A full list of past and present champions is available in our Hall of Fame.

Up until 2010 the title of "Champion" was awarded separately for Senior Ladies, Senior Gentlemen and a single combined category for Juniors (i.e. under 18 years of age) because of the relatively small number taking part. However, since 2011 the junior category has been split and the title of "Champion" is now awarded separately for Junior Ladies and Junior Gentlemen.

The title of "Champion" is currently awarded separately for each combination of:

Bow Stylelongbow only
Genderladies and gentlemen
Age Groupsenior and junior (combining all juniors in a single age-group)


The Association's trophies are all awarded on the basis that they must be returned in time for the following year's tournament. The Championships and Tournaments Policy gives further details about the responsibilities of anyone to whom a trophy is awarded.

Normally each trophy is accompanied by a medal, which the winner is entitled to keep in perpetuity; Medals will also be awarded where no trophy is provided in a championship category or where a trophy is shared between categories. Any team trophies are accompanied by a medal for each team member.

Kent Awards


Bow StyleGenderAge GroupTrophy Name
LongbowLadySeniorKent Longbow Plaque [KLH]
SCAS County Champion's Medal [Lady]
LongbowLadyJuniorKent Longbow Plaque [KLJ]
LongbowGentlemanSeniorKent Longbow Plaque [KGH]
SCAS County Champion's Medal [Gentleman]
LongbowGentlemanJuniorKent Longbow Plaque [KGJ]


Bow StyleGenderAge GroupTrophy Name
LongbowLadySeniorKent Longbow Plaque [KLS]
LongbowLadyJunior(No trophy currently available)
LongbowGentlemanSeniorKent Longbow Plaque [KGS]
LongbowGentlemanJunior(No trophy currently available)

Teams and Couples

Bow StyleGenderAge GroupTrophy Name
LongbowAllAllKent Longbow Team Shield

Visitors' Awards

Few archers from outside of Kent have generally taken part in this tournament, so until numbers grow a little, only medals will normally be provided as awards.

Open Awards

Best Gold

Bow StyleGenderAge GroupTrophy Name
LongbowAllAllKent Longbow Plaque [Best Gold]

Teams and Couples

Bow StyleGenderAge GroupTrophy Name
LongbowAllAllChris Brenchley Memorial Trophy