Extraordinary & Annual General Meetings

The afternoon's agenda was due to start at 2:00 p.m., but unfortunately there were fewer that the required 35 voting members present at that time. Proceedings were therefore delayed for a short period in case further members arrived.

Business began with a short address from Eric Jackson, the GNAS Director of Marketing, thanking the members and committee for their support and hard work in making the recent Meteksan Archery World Cup event in Dover such an outstanding success. He also outlined some of the benefits that archery had already received as a result of the event, not least being the appointment of our salaried Archery Development Officer.

The committee thanked Eric for taking the time to pay us this visit and he left before the other business of the afternoon, hoping to get home to the East Midlands ahead of the worst of the forecast weather.

Extraordinary General Meeting

The EGM had been convened to discuss a new constitution and vote on whether to accept it. Because of the lack of a quorum, the meeting was limited to the prepared introduction by the President and a discussion of a number of issues raised. The meeting was dissolved without a vote.

The issues that were raised will now be discussed at the next KAA Committee meeting, scheduled for 17 December 2007.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM went ahead after a successful motion from the floor requesting that the President exercise his discretion to continue with the meeting, given that it was only just short of a quorum.

The President gave his address, outlining the development work of the last year and how it is planned to continue during the run up to London 2012. Each of the officers presented reports, with the Treasurer showing the current healthy state of the county's finances and confirming that no membership subscription increase is currently required.

A number of awards were presented, including badges and bars to this year's county team members. The county's Emeritus award was presented to Neil Turville for his regular hard work and enthusiasm at all of the KAA tournaments, and to Mike Brighton for his work in the development of the Association and representing it at the KCC Development Group.

Jacqui Gould was presented with the Inger Frith trophy that she won for the highest lady's recurve score at the recent SCAS Inter-Counties Team Tournament.

The previous members of the committee were each re-elected, with the exception of Phil Bussingham, who has stood down as organiser of the county target championship, due to the pressure of work commitments. Several tournament organiser's positions remain vacant, as is that of County Captain; the fate of all of these positions will be determined at the next KAA Committee meeting.

Full minutes of both meetings will be circulated to club secretaries and individual members in due course.

We thank all of those members who took the time to attend these meetings and hope that all got home safely through the sleet! Although we received apologies from a number of members who were not able to attend, it was extremely disappointing that so few of our 1100+ members take an interest in the work of the committee - attendees and apologies accounted for less than 5% of the Association's membership.

Please remember that the KAA is there for your benefit, in providing information, assistance, development incentives and tournaments.