Changes to County Records

First we would like to remind all clubs and members of important changes to the record claims process that take effect in the new year. Please do not forget that, with effect from 01 January 2008, county record claims will only be accepted on the new claim form.

In the past, some archers have missed out on county records, because they assumed (incorrectly) that the County Records Officer would check their monthly score return. It has also often been necessary to return record claims because of missing information, so it is hoped that the new form, which includes everything in one place, will reduce the time and effort required and ensure that new records are agreed more quickly.

Full details and an initial supply of forms are being sent to every club Records Officer; details are also available here and forms can be downloaded and printed as required.

One of the reasons we built this web site was to raise awareness of the KAA and its activities, especially among the archery community in the county. Another was to make it easier for members to access information and in one area at least this does appear to have been a considerable success - it is apparent that the county records have become a regular port of call for many visitors to the site and the Association has been receiving an increasing number of record claims.

In the past the number of county records available to juniors was limited by the annual cost of printing and distributing the records list; now that it is available on the web site, members can print their own - importantly, they can print just the individual page (or pages) they are interested in. As a result of this, the old limitations on junior records no longer apply.

So the time has come to improve the incentives we give to juniors by increasing the number of county records available. We have started with a review of the Outdoor Target Archery records - with effect from 1 January 2008, records for all the main rounds will be available separately for each age group. The entire record book is therefore rather lengthy at 38 A4 pages, many of which are empty or only sparsely populated, so take care what you print! The new record book is now available in our "Hall of Fame".

Disentangling some of the older records has not been easy and it is possible that some of them have not been placed in the correct age group - please check any records for your club carefully and let the county Records Officer know of any errors as soon as possible.

And finally, a new feature has been added to the records section of the site - the new "County Records" section of the archive holds earlier versions of the records lists plus a list of all of the records approved during 2007 (even if they have subsequently been broken). This is available in the County Records Archive.

However, to get all the information about recently approved records on the page in an easily readable format, we had to make the page wider! That is why there is now a pair of dark grey buttons just under the main navigation bar; these allow you to choose between the normal format (useful for people with smaller monitors) and the new wide-screen version. But, to use this feature you must have cookies and JavaScript enabled in your web browser - if they are not both enabled, you will be limited to the standard format and may have to scroll around to find what you are looking for.