County Record Corrections

One of the inevitable results of making information more widely available is that people start spotting mistakes that have lain unnoticed for years. In this case it was some of our county records.

A number of outdoor target archery records for FITA rounds for Richard Clark from back in 2002 were recorded as shot using the inner 10-ring. They were therefore consigned to the "closed" section of the records list, when it was redesigned for the web site. However, it turns out that they were actually shot using the full 10-ring. The same thing happened with Richard Bacmeister's Frostbite record from the previous year.

These errors have now been corrected, by moving the records to the "current" list. Unfortunately this means that archers, who had lower record claims approved in the mean time, will now find that they have lost those records. The committee apologises for the original errors and for any disappointment to archers who have lost records as a result of the corrections.

The revised record list is now available here.

All of the remaining "closed" records for outdoor target archery have been checked and the dates of those relating to use of the inner 10-ring are consistent with the period that this scoring system was in use.