Changes to Field Archery County Records

Changes to the scoring system for FITA Field Rounds come into effect on Tuesday 01 April 2008. With effect from that date, the inner-most scoring ring will score 6 points for all disciplines and score cards will show the number of 6s and the number of 5s (instead of Xs and Golds).

The reason for the change is that it has become almost commonplace in the compound division to record perfect or near-perfect scores in national and world record status events; the current scoring system is no longer providing enough differentiation, not just among international archers, but for some distance down many results sheets. The change has been introduced to all disciplines to avoid the confusion that could occur in a target group that includes several disciplines.

No other significant changes have been made to the rounds that will impact on scores, but competitors should note that in cases where time limits apply, these limits have been reduced from 4 to 3 minutes to shoot 3 arrows.

The KAA have therefore made the following changes to its Field Archery records:

  • all existing records for FITA Field Rounds have been copied to the "Closed" section to preserve them and in case the 5-zone scoring system is reinstated at any time in the future.
  • the existing records will be retained until such time as they are superseded using the new scoring system.

The revised list of records as at 31 March 2008 is now available here.

For information about how the scoring changes will affect qualifying scores for Arrowhead awards, national classifications, national squads and teams, please refer to the GNAS Field Archery web site.