New Constitution for the KAA

The new county constitution has been a long time in the making, but because of its importance for the on-going development of the county, it was vital to get it right! It is now ready and the committee will be calling an EGM to discuss and hopefully approve it.

The preferred course is to hold the EGM early enough to ensure that it is resolved before we send out details of November's AGM (notification goes to all club secretaries and individual members in September). We want to do this so that we know the committee structure when we send out the request for nominations.

However the summer season is now upon us and members will be away at tournaments or on holiday, so the plan is to hold the EGM in early September, most probably on a week-day evening. All members are invited to give their suggestions about date, time and possible venue ahead of the July committee meeting, at which the decision will be made.

The new Constitution is available here for download as a PDF document.

The new Constitution also refers to three additional documents, each of which represent the current position on their particular subject matter. The Championships and Tournaments Policy has now been expanded to give more information - in particular, what happens if the advertised round cannot be completed. These do not require acceptance at the EGM, but are supplied here for information and to invite comment: