Framework England Volunteers

"Framework England" have the job of modernising the delivery of coaching in the five English regions; they are looking for Regions to nominate additional volunteers to carry on the work. Please note that this work relates to how coaching is delivered (as opposed to the content of that coaching) so volunteers do not have to be qualified coaches.

If any GNAS member in Kent is interested in taking part in this work, please contact the SCAS secretary, as nominations can only be made via Regions. Although we are not aware of any specific deadline for nominations, the request has been greatly delayed between Framework England and the county, so a degree of urgency is recommended.

We would be grateful if you would also let the KAA secretary know that you have put your name forward for nomination and suggest that you also copy to Ollie Holt at the GNAS office (both of these are taken care of if you use the SCAS secretary link above).

The following description was received from the Framework England group:

As we develop our World Class Coaching System for archery using The UK Coaching Framework as a guide, we need to expand our team in order to develop the plans and processes necessary for us to keep to the timeline of the project.

Framework England draw representation from each of the five regions and have been working hard over the last 15 months to develop the Archer and Coach Development Models and deliver the Coaching Audit 2008, along with other plans that will enable us to move forward into the next stage of delivering the vision of having "The right coach in the right place at the right time for the archer".

The work level to achieve our aims will grow over the next few years and in order to keep on track and gain a greater inclusion of the Regions and counties, we need to expand the size of the Framework England group.

We are looking for each regional committee to put forward a total of 3 members of whom 2 will attend each of the quarterly meetings to ensure continuity. All members will need to be involved and assist in the production of plans and documents to support the aims and objectives of the UKCF.

  • Role Description:
    • 2 year time span, renewal by agreement
    • 4 meetings per year at Lilleshall + conference calls
    • Invitation to the Development Conference (March each year)
  • Home nation group for implementation of strategy:
    • Framework England act as Interface between Strategy group and regions
    • Individual to act as link coordinator with counties in home region
    • Attend regional/local meetings and workshops
    • Develop plans for implementation by contributing to documentation, review and adaptation of documents and processes from other sources and research
    • Test new ideas at a club / county / regional level and help to find best practice
  • Skills:
    • Good interpersonal skills
    • Strategic thinker
    • Flexible approach
    • Teamwork