Annual General Meeting, 2010

The Association's AGM was held on Sunday, 21 November 2010 at 2:00 p.m. at the clubhouse of Medway Archers.

The Main Meeting

The following is only intended to cover a brief outline of the main matters and not necessarily in the order they occurred; please do not think of this account as being in any way an official record of the meeting (minutes of the meeting will be circulated in the normal manner).


The treasurer reported a small surplus for the year, resulting primarily from the following changes:

  • Income:
    • increased membership income, some of which related to the previous financial year, but not received in time for inclusion in last year's accounts (the end of the KAA financial year falls during the peak payment period);
    • two years' worth of SCAS commission payments received during the financial year;
    • greatly reduced interest income, due to persistently low interest rates;
  • Expenditure:
    • ground hire and set-up costs for the new venue;
    • increased costs relating the county team clothing, as agreed during the informal meeting following last year's AGM;
    • increased depreciation, particularly that relating to the new equipment store at Vigo;
    • accounting services for preparing and verifying the end of year accounts.

It is apparent that the financial climate has changed markedly during the past two-three years and there is still uncertainty about whether ArcheryGB will continue to refund the 5% administration allowance after the current membership year (currently the KAA receives more than £700 per year, on which it is dependent). The incoming Treasurer will need to do some careful budget forecasting and this might lead to a further rise in membership fees.

Membership Fees

The meeting agreed the £0.50 per head increase in annual membership fees for all classes of membership:

Membership Type£ pa.
Associate Member (Senior)3.50
Associate Member (Junior)2.50
Individual Member6.50
Individual Member (Couples)11.00
Junior Club6.50

Note that all membership types where no fee is payable are unaffected.

It was also agreed that new members would be charged in the same way as SCAS, which currently is continuing to use the old ArcheryGB/GNAS method, whereby all new members pay the full fee, but those joining on or after 01 May for the first time receive the following year's membership at no further cost.


We welcome two new members, Adam Kenyon (Tournament Organiser for the Disability Tournament) and Lisa Kenyon (SCAS Representative).

However, it is very disappointing that several key positions on the committee remain vacant, so the Operational Committee now has the right to decide how to fill them. If anyone is willing to volunteer to fill any of these vacancies, please contact the county secretary.

PresidentMike BrightonTonbridge Archery Club(elected 2009 for a 3-year term)
Executive Committee:
ChairmanBob BeaneyAshford Archers
Treasurer**Mark DavisCrystal Palace Bowmen
Development OfficerMike BrightonTonbridge Archery Club
Records OfficerMandy WarrenSutton Bowmen Archery Club
County CaptainPeter DallasSwan Archers
Child Protection OfficerMark DavisCrystal Palace Bowmen
Operational Committee:
T/O Target Championshipvacant
T/O FITA Tournamentvacant
T/O Longbow ChampionshipNeil TurvilleGravesend Archers
T/O Field ChampionshipTrish LovellBowmen of Woodstock
T/O Clout TournamentBob GawlerThanet Archery Club
T/O Indoor ChampionshipdelegatedAshford Archers
T/O Disability TournamentAdam KenyonCrown Archers
SCAS RepresentativeNeil DimmockIndividual
SCAS RepresentativeBob BeaneyAshford Archers
SCAS RepresentativeLisa KenyonCrown Archers
Team Selection Panel MemberMichael WaltonMedway Archers
Ordinary MemberPeter SansomFerryfield Bowmen
Ordinary MemberMike HigginsCrystal Palace Bowmen
Deputy Child Protection Officervacant
*we are indebted to Pam Hagon, who has agreed to continue to act as the main point of contact for the Association until a new volunteer can be found.
**Mark Davis has agreed to take on the role in the short term until a volunteer with the appropriate financial skills can be found.


The meeting agreed to award the title of Honorary Life Vice-President to Derrick Lovell in recognition of 37 years of service to the county, 31 of which were as Chairman but also including a lengthy period representing the Association at the County Show at Detling.

The three outgoing committee members, Derrick Lovell, Pam Hagon and Tim East, were presented with a small gift, expressing appreciation for the considerable amount of work that all of them have done during their time in office.

The Informal Discussion

This is the meeting that replaces the "AOB" that used to be part of the AGM. It is informal insofar as it has no specific agenda, but minutes were recorded and will be taken to the next Operational Committee meeting for action.

Junior Members

The question was raised as to whether junior archers should be allowed to compete for senior records and championships and whether they should be eligible for selection to senior county teams. While the current policy has existed for around 30 years, it is not immutable and the change process was published in October 2009.

To allow changes to take effect at the beginning of the 2011 season, a written request must be received in time for discussion at the December committee meeting, outlining the changes that are sought and why it is thought they will benefit the county and its members. Any changes that follow from that meeting will be subject to the required 12-week consultation period, to give all members an opportunity to voice their opinions, before a final decision is taken in March.