GNAS Annual General Meeting

The GNAS Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday, 16 April 2011 at Lilleshall. The following is just a brief report on the main activity; more detail will be published by GNAS in due course.

Election of the Board of Directors

Eric Jackson (Northamptonshire) was elected to the post of Director, Finance & General Purposes. He replaces Matthew Fuller, who was co-opted during late 2010.

Until 2008 Eric Jackson was Director, Marketing & Development and was heavily involved in the World Cup event at Dover in 2007.

Special Business

Ian McGibbon (Director, Northern Ireland) presented an explanation of the proposed changes to the GNAS Memorandum and Articles of Association (Constitution). All of the proposed changes were accepted by a heavy majority.

Possibly the most important of the changes was to the rights of proxy holders, who may now vote during a 'show of hands' vote. Previously they were only able to vote in a 'poll' (ballot) and join in demanding a poll.

This is intended as the first step toward increasing the participation of clubs in more of the voting, but further steps depend on how well the new voting-card system works - on this years showing, the system (introduced by Trish Lovell) looks pretty robust.

Election of Vice-President

The election of Mike Brighton (Tonbridge Archers, Kent) for a further 2-year term was confirmed.


Derrick Lovell was awarded Honorary Life Membership in recognition of the work he has done for the Society over many years. He has been a competitor, coach, judge and administrator and in most of those roles he has been involved at every level of the sport from club to county, region, nationally and internationally.

John Poyner was awarded a GNAS Plaquette in recognition of the work he has done as a judge and as the GNAS Director, Finance & General Purposes, including to periods of co-option when no-one else was available to fill the position.