New Constitution for the KAA

Members will recall that an EGM was held last November to discuss and approve a new constitution; The meeting was unable to vote on the proposal, because too few members attended and a quorum was not present.

However it was possible to discuss the content of the new constitution and as a direct result a number of changes were made; additional changes were suggested more recently and many of these have also been

d. The committee is now confident that the latest version not only provides the improved framework for running the Association, but is also now substantially more robust, thanks in no small part to the considerable help given by Bob Beaney of Ashford Archers.

The committee intends to call a further EGM to discuss and hopefully approve it - more details will follow the next committee meeting on Monday, 12 May 2008. In the mean time, members are asked to read it and let the committee have any feedback as soon as possible.

The new Constitution is available here for download as a PDF document. (version later updated)

The new Constitution also refers to three additional documents, each of which represent the current position on their particular subject matter. These do will require acceptance at the EGM, but are supplied here for information: