Annual General Meeting, 2013

The Association's AGM was held on Sunday, 17 November 2013 at the clubhouse of Medway Archers.

The following is only intended to cover a brief outline of the main matters and not necessarily in the order they occurred; please do not think of this account as being in any way an official record of the meetings (minutes of the meetings will be circulated in the normal manner).


Our President, Derrick Lovell,

d a short eulogy for Ted Vincer and Thelma Barber, two long time members who had been prominent in the county in the past and who passed away during the year.

A few moments' silence was held in their memory and in memory of all friends who are no longer with us.


The treasurer reported a surplus for the year of £2657.84, but this does not include any provision for depreciation of equipment.

The committee continues to keep administrative costs to a minimum, especially by the use of email to replace costly printing and postage.

Membership Fees

No changes were proposed for the coming year.

Merit Awards

The following awards were presented in addition to the customary County Badges and Bars to team members from the preceeding year:

Mike Kells(Swan Archers)Green TassleGMB, Target Archery, Compound Unlimited
Cliff Gadd(Raven Archers)Green TassleGMB, Target Archery, Longbow
Jacqui Gould(Crown Archers)Green TassleGMB, Target Archery, Recurve Barebow
Jacqui Gould(Crown Archers)Red TassleJMB, Target Archery, Recurve Freestyle (belated award)
Ryan Holden(Thanet Archery Club)Red TassleJMB, Target Archery, Recurve Freestyle


The following members will form our committees during the coming year:

PresidentDerrick LovellBowmen of Woodstock(elected in 2012 for a 3-year term)
Executive Committee:
ChairmanBob BeaneyAshford Archers
SecretaryTony AndrewsSwan Archers
TreasurerMark DavisCrystal Palace Bowmen
Development OfficerSophia AndrewsSwan Archers
Records OfficerTony HenwoodFerryfield Bowmen
County CaptainPeter DallasSwan Archers
Child Protection OfficerMark DavisCrystal Palace Bowmen
Operational Committee:
T/O Target ChampionshipLisa KenyonSittingbourne Community College AC
T/O FITA Tournamentno election held
T/O Longbow ChampionshipNeil TurvilleGravesend Archers
T/O Field ChampionshipTrish LovellBowmen of Woodstock
T/O Clout TournamentBob GawlerThanet Archery Club
T/O Indoor ChampionshipdelegatedAshford Archers
T/O Para-Archery TournamentAdam KenyonSittingbourne Community College AC
SCAS RepresentativeBob BeaneyAshford Archers
SCAS RepresentativeNeil DimmockDirect Member
SCAS Representative*Anita BailyLeaves Green Bowmen
Team Selection Panel MemberMichael WaltonMedway Archers
Ordinary MemberMike HigginsCrystal Palace Bowmen
Ordinary MemberGlyn LevisCanterbury Archers
Deputy Child Protection OfficerSophia AndrewsSwan Archers

* - indicates a welcome new addition to the committee.

The Informal Discussion

This is the meeting that replaces the "AOB" that used to be part of the AGM. It is informal insofar as it has no specific agenda, but notes of the discussion are recorded and any outstanding issues are taken to the next Operational Committee meeting for action.

Mike Brighton (webmaster) asked the meeting what they would like to have

d in the website that is not currently available; this sparked a short discussion in which:

  • Neil Dimmock (Direct Member) commended it as being the best county website he had come across.
  • Derrick Lovell (Direct Member) asked that tournament entry forms remain available on the website until the date of the tournament, even if the event is fully subscribed; this is because tournament organisers frequently rely on this, rather than sending hard-copy to officials.
  • Chris Horan (Castle Moat & Folkestone Bowmen) asked that we publish the composition of the county team ahead of each match and provide a match report and photos afterwards.